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Brake Systems and Undercar Service
Brake Pad or Shoe Replacement                         ABS Diagnosis and Repair                     Brake Rotor or Drum Rotor                                  Wheel Bearing Repair
Brake Calipers and Wheel Cylinders                  CV Axle Service 
Master Cylinder and Brake Bleeding                  Complete Exhaust Repair

Drag-In Automotive Repair and Service Corp. Services
At Drag-In Automotive Repair and Service Corp., we take care to provide our customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs.  We provide a wide range of automotive services from full auto repair to  vehicle preventative maintenance services.  Below is a list of some of our professional services.

Maintenance Services Available
NY State Inspections                                         Belts and Hoses
Oil and Filter Changes/Tire Rotation      Windsheild Wipers -(All Season or Winter) 
Transmission Fluid Service                              Suspension  Service                                                                                               
Cooling System Flush
Drive Shaft Service                                   
Power Steering Repairs and Maintenance

​Cooling System Service and Repairs
Radiator Repairs and Cooling System Pressure Tests
New Replacement Radiators
Water Pump/Thermostat
Cooling System Flush
Electrical Fan and Motor Assemblies
Heater Service
  Brake pads & rotors
Installed $179.99/axle *Most vehicles
Fuel Injection Service                                                        Emission Control
Fuel Pump Service                                                             Fuel Tank Replacement
Throttle Body Repairs, clean and Service                     Engine Replacement
Vacuum Leaks Diagnosed With Smoke Detection      Engine Oil Leaks

​Engine, Fuel Systems, Emissions and Performance
​Battery Replacement
Alternator Repair
Starter Assemblies and Cables

Charging and Starting Sytems
​Tires -All Season, Winter and Performance Available
Tire Repair (Plugs or Patches)
Install, Repair and Rotation
Tires and Tire Repairs